Renewable Energy

Childers Sweet Sorghum to Ethanol Project

Southeastern Queensland is the "Promised Land" for biofuels. It boasts ideal conditions for the establishment and cultivation of an industry that can produce crops to generate highly-efficient, greenhouse friendly ethanol along with food and other by-products.


Childers and the Isis Shire are in the midst of significant economic growth. The region is bustling with recent developments in commercial, agricultural, and industrial activity.

Such is the level of growth that the ISIS council (now part of Bundaberg council) announced ambitions of creating an Industrial Centre of Excellence in and around the Isis Central Sugar Mill (“ICSM”).


AgriFuels has selected Childers, QLD as the first location site for a sweet sorghum renewable energy project. The primary reasons for this location choice are:

  • Local climate ideally suited to sweet sorghum crop production with ideal soil types, natural rainfall and mild overnight temperatures to maximise yields;

  • High year-round water availability from the recently-constructed Paradise Dam located on the Burnett River. The dam has the capacity to supply 300,000 ML of stored water to Childers and Bundaberg areas. As at July 08 the dam was already at >50% of capacity;

  • The Wide Bay Burnett area has traditionally been a sugar cane cultivation and agricultural location since the 1800s. There exists significant sugar cane agricultural land, harvesting and rail transport networks and businesses that are synergistic with the planting and cultivation of sweet sorghum crops;

  • Immediate access to Bruce Highway to the south provides access to Brisbane by road in less than four hours and the Isis highway north to the Port of Bundaberg in 45 minutes;

  • Local railway networks offering potential for harvested sweet sorghum cane to be transported over existing rail networks as opposed to road;

  • Synergistic integration partners such as locally placed Australian Prime Fibre and three sugar mills – Bundaberg, Isis Central and Maryborough;

  • Major port shipping infrastructure, such as the Port of Bundaberg, (currently underutilised) and in 2007 came under management of the Brisbane Port Authority.

AgriFuels Location Map